A Guide to Remote Mountain Learning & Working

No matter where you live, school is looking a bit different this year—and it’s challenging to stay the least. We, at Ascend Properties, truly feel for teachers and families with school-aged children. If you’re in a situation where you have options to learn (and work) remotely, we welcome you to consider joining us in the mountains this fall and winter. A change of scenery is often the perfect recipe for inspiring learning, creativity, and focus.

Also, we'd like to point out that vacation rentals have been one of the only sectors in travel, tourism, and hospitality that have seen growth during this atypical period. There's a reason for that. You, the guest, are in control of your own environment. Also, vacation home rentals and cabins are typically spacious and there are similar comforts to that of your own home. The only difference? Your backyard is Lone Peak!

Here are a few tips and tricks for pulling off a successful "Mountain Distance Learning (or Working)" trip or even extended stay to Big Sky.


What do I need to make this work? Why should I do it? Is it worth the hassle? These are probably some of the questions floating around and we have the answers for you below.

Powerful, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi

Having reliable and fast internet is the No. 1 component of a successful Mountain Distance Learning and Working trip. You and your children need to be able to easily access the internet from your laptops. It's critical. All Ascend Properties vacation rentals provide high-speed Wi-Fi access. However, if anything happens to come up with access, you have someone to call for support. Rest assured!

Geological & Ecological Opportunities to Learn at nearby Yellowstone National Park

Whether you're Mountain Distance Learning in the fall or winter, you can access Yellowstone National Park, which is less than an hour's drive away. Not only will your kiddos learn about the incredible geothermal activity happening in the area—don’t miss Old Faithful, the world-famous geyser, but there are many, many opportunities to learn about local flora and fauna that define the American West.

Local Retailers for Mountain Distance Learning Needs

If you need school or office supplies at any point, the Ace Hardware store in Big Sky has many items. If you have any dire laptop repair needs, Bozeman is a quick drive away and the local experts at Pro-Tech Computer Solutions come highly recommended.

Mountain Time Means Quiet Time

Mountain time is different from home time. The pace is a bit slower and quieter, especially in the fall. As you likely experienced this spring, remote working and learning is not a quiet affair. While you’re staying in one of our spacious single-family mountain homes or cabins, everyone has personal spaces to escape to work, learn, nap, chat with friends, or read a book. Don't be surprised if you actually hear yourself think for the first time in months.

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

It would be weird if one member or another of your family didn't occasionally suffer from frustration, sadness, anxiety, or depression during this time. Being in an outdoor-centric community can help alleviate those struggles. At lunch hour, considering taking the whole gang on a picnic hike or out for a couple runs or XC skiing laps. Getting outdoors while the sun is shining is a great way to change up your daily at-home routine and keep everyone happy and focused. A morning or evening run or hike for mom or dad is also a great way to keep fit while you're on vacation and fight stress—which this pandemic has almost certainly drummed up.

Breathe in the crisp mountain, enjoy the scenic vista, and take a moment for yourself. You deserve it.