Everything You Need To Know About The Big Sky BASE Community Center

On March 13th of 2022, Big Sky’s first ever community and recreation center, BASE, opened its doors. BASE, which stands for “Big Adventure Safe Environment,” is a state-of-the-art facility that will provide year-round recreational facilities, classes, programs, and events to everyone in Big Sky. Before you head down to the exciting new BASE Community Center, here’s everything you need to know. 

BASE Design And Facilities 

The teams that designed BASE, A&E Design and BRS Architecture, worked to craft a building that would serve as a “community living room” for Big Sky. Although it’s an indoor space, the BASE community center evokes the spirit of Big Sky. Its architectural palette of natural materials makes BASE patrons feel connected to nature, and the many floor-to-ceiling windows offer plenty of breathtaking Big Sky views. 

However, a community center needs to have functional facilities in addition to an inviting design, and BASE accomplishes this criterion in spectacular fashion. At BASE, you’ll find a climbing and bouldering gym, a spacious workout facility, and a full gymnasium with basketball, pickleball and volleyball courts. In addition to those recreational facilities, there are meeting and classroom spaces, a childcare area, and a large gathering space to hang out with other community members. 

BASE Classes And Programs 

One of the main reasons why BASE was approved for construction back in 2018 was to provide a place for community members to recreate in group activities and classes year-round.  Youth programs in particular were important to get started at Big Sky’s first community center. Throughout the year, children of all ages can participate in an assortment of activity classes and camps as well as fun art classes held at BASE. 

Old kids (AKA adults) can also join in on the fun with their own selection of classes and programs. There are a multitude of fitness and wellness classes like group yoga to attend, and BASE will also serve as the hub for several athletic leagues throughout the year. Lastly, the community center will work in conjunction with the Arts Council of Big Sky to host art programs for adults too. 

Although some classes may extend beyond normal operating hours, most programs and facilities will take place within the BASE Community Center hours: 
  • Monday – Friday 6AM-8PM 
  • Saturday & Sunday 9AM-6PM 

Pass Information For BASE 

The BASE community center was created with all Big Sky residents and visitors in mind. As such, there are a variety of pass options depending on whether you live in Big Sky full-time or part-time.  
The first pass types are the ALL IN Uplands passes, which have options for couples, families, and individuals. These passes are valid for one year, provide access to all BASE facilities, and are intended for community members who live in Big Sky year-round. The pricing for each option is as follows: 
  • Couples: Adult = $75/month | Senior = $70/month 
  • Family: $121/month 
  • Individual: Youth (3-22) = $25/month | Adult (23-59) - $50/month | Senior (60+) = $40/month  
Two other pass types available at BASE are the Beehive Pass and the Mud Creek 10 Punch Pass. The Beehive Pass is for seasonal workers only (you will need proof of seasonal employment), and it is only valid from May through October. The Mud Creek 10 Punch Pass is intended for visitors or for those who only intend to come in for occasional use. Pricing for both pass types is as follows: 
  • Beehive Pass: Youth (3-22) $198 | Adult (23-59) = $354 | Senior (60+) = $312 
  • Mud Creek 10 Punch Pass: All Ages = $200 
For more information on each of these passes, check out the BASE passes information page
That is everything you need to know before checking out Big Sky’s BASE Community Center for the first time. Be sure to check out the BASE website and information dashboard for more information on current classes and events.

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